Rickie Lee Jones
Iron Horse 40th Anniversary Show

The two-time Grammy winner exploded onto the pop scene in 1978 and has made a career of fearlessly experimenting with her sound and persona over 15 critically acclaimed albums. Jones was featured twice over the course of two years on the cover of Rolling Stone, and performed an unprecedented three songs during her second appearance on Saturday Night Live. A character in both her lyrics and performances, she’s known for defying convention with her sometimes brazen sexuality and the mixed bag of jazz, rock, and what has come to be known as ‘confessional’ songwriter performances. Her latest album The Other Side of Desire was written, recorded, and rooted in the city of New Orleans, where Jones lives on the opposite side of the street made famous by Tennessee Williams. Produced by John Porter of Roxy Music and Mark Howard, this is the first new music Jones has written in over a decade.


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