All-American Rejects
Plus: A Rocket To The Moon, Astoria
The All-American Rejects which lead singer, bassist, and lyricist Tyson Ritter and his long-time friend guitarist Nick Wheeler formed as teenagers in Stillwater, Oklahoma, before being joined by guitarist Mike Kennerty and drummer Chris Gaylor in 2002 — had just wrapped up touring behind their third album, 2008’s When The World Comes Down. The Rejects played to ecstatic audiences across the globe, thanks to scoring their first international hit, “Gives You Hell." After finishing a tour that capped a 10 year run that included a platinum debut in 2003 and the double- platinum Move Along in 2005, as well as a string of well-received singles — Ritter should have been on top of the world. Instead, he found himself feeling utterly lost. In the nine months that followed, Ritter fell down the rabbit hole of excess. The result is the album of the Rejects’ lives: Kids In The Street — a musically brash, lyrically candid portrait of the past two years that finds Ritter exploring themes of regret, nostalgia, and excess, wrapped in the Rejects’ trademark earworm melodies, bright harmonies, and potent rhythmic energy.

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