LuxDeluxe, Madaila
A co-headlining show with Burlington, Vermont psych-pop masters Madaila and an album release celebration for Valley indie combo LuxDeluxe. 

It all started when three cousins and two friends got together to play rock & roll in a poster-plastered basement in Northampton, Massachusetts, surrounded by stacks of NRBQ J.J. Cale and Tom Pett records.Embedded in the Connecticut Rver Valley that legends including Dinosaur Jr. and Pixies call home, LuxDeluxe builds on the valley’s history of musical innovation.   Churning out high-octane shows that leave audiences sweaty, LuxDeluxe delivers a serious punch of supple Rolling Stones-y grooves, persuasive danceable hooks, and rock-solid old-fashioned craft.  Flaunting like Jagger, with all the sensuality of Bowie, lead singer Ned King creates a spectacle rarely seen since the heyday of rock&roll. -- 


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