Savoy Motel
Nashville quartet Savoy Motel combine 21st century indie rock with the look and sounds of '70s glam and pop. 
Plus: Court Etiquette

Combining 21st century indie rock with the look and sounds of '70s pop/rock, Savoy Motel is a four-piece band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their debut album comes from a pedigree of garage, punk, and power-pop groups. Savoy Motel was founded by Jeffrey Novak, producer and bassist, who was the previous founder and front man of the band Cheap Time. The drummer, Jessica McFarland was also in Cheap Time, while the guitarists, Dillon Watson and Mimi Galbierz, both previously played in Heavy Cream. The band transposes the energy and hooks of those groups to an entirely different move: an intensely orchestrated hybrid of glam rock, soul, dance music and showmanship. The quartet claims to have recorded three albums' worth of songs before they made their live debut in early 2015.In November of that year, Savoy Motel released their first single, a limited edition 7" pressing of the tunes "Hot One" and "Souvenir Shop Rock." Released in 2016, both songs appear on their self-titled debut album.



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