Red Wanting Blue
Ohio's Red Wanting Blue are a soul-baring, depth-digging band that's spent the last twenty years delivering indelible melodies, infectious hooks, & explosive performances.
Plus: Liz Brasher

There are rock bands, and then there are soul-baring, depth-digging rock bands that excel at exposing raw emotion and setting it to music. Red Wanting Blue achieves this and more on The Wanting, their 11th studio album. Hailed as “Midwestern rock heroes” by American Songwriter, Columbus Ohio's Red Wanting Blue has spent the last twenty years establishing themselves as one of the indie world’s most enduring and self-sufficient acts, notching appearances everywhere from Letterman to NPR.  For their powerful new album, ‘The Wanting,’ the band handed production duties over to acclaimed singer/songwriter Will Hoge, who helped them create their most ambitious, fully realized collection yet. Recorded in Nashville, TN, the record draws on many of the group’s traditional strengths—indelible melodies, infectious hooks, explosive performances.


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