Sir Sly
Lazer 99.3 Presents this exciting Los Angeles trio whose unique blend of electronic, gospel, and hip-hop reveal an immense talent for creating infectious pop hooks.

Lead singer Landon Jacobs co-founded  L.A.-based trio Sir Sly with fellow multi-instrumentalists Hayden Coplen and Jason Suwito.  Their second full-length album, Don't You Worry, Honey, is a deliberately hopeful album born from an extraordinarily dark time. Written in the aftermath of Jacobs's divorce and his mother's death, the album finds Sir Sly expanding on the moody experimentalism of their 2014 debut You Haunt Me (which reached #14 on Billboard's Alternative Albums chart), channeling a looser energy that closely shapes a more groove-driven sound for their delicately inventive alt-pop. 


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