Albert Castiglia
After 27 years of house-rocking albums & smack-in-the-mouth shows, this Florida axeman is a master of red-raw, sweat-and-hair blues that gives it to you straight. 
Plus: The Empty Pockets

As most artists will attest, the most unexpected circumstance can spark artistic inspiration. That’s a fact
that hasn’t been lost on singer, songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Albert Castiglia. With his latest
album, the aptly named Masterpiece, he celebrates an unforeseen triumph -- a connection with a
daughter he never knew he had. The result is a work that’s both personal and provocative all at the same

Castiglia calls this the most meaningful album he’s ever made. “My daughter finding me and opening up
my world to an additional family, including two grandchildren, brought out the deepest material I’ve ever
created,” he notes, “along with my wife, they were my muses.”Indeed, songs such as “Keep On
Swinging”, “Masterpiece” and “Bring on the Rain” address the unexpected emotions that infused his
psyche with the discovery of a family he never knew.

“Prior to my daughter finding me, my entire adult life felt incomplete,” Castiglia reflects in the song “Bring
On the Rain.” “I never knew why I felt that way. I could never put my finger on it. Then when I discovered
my daughter, my heart was suddenly overflowing.”


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