HalloKween: a QUEER twist on a costume dance party w/ DJ's LeFox

HalloKween: a QUEER twist on a costume dance party. 

Join LeFox and Trotting Fox Entertainment for another EPIC dance night at the Iron Horse in Northampton!

HalloKween and our LEGENDARY dance-off costume contest will be a *death drop* of an experience that will leave you screaming YAAAAAS! 

Come dressed in your best looq and leave them GAGGING, darling. Click attend for more info and inspiration as the event approaches! 

Prizes for the top 3 costumes TBA. Sugar Biscuit passes for the runners up. 

Tanya Celetti will be BODY PAINTING to take your looq to the next level. 

As usual we'll be bringing in a full sound system to add to the Iron Horse set up, along with lazors, black lights, disco balls, and strobes to set the mood for a real deal nightlife esthetic. 

Shot and Beer specials all night. 

Noho resident fairy boi DJ LeFox will be headlining the night with an eclectic blend of SOULFUL HOUSE, NUDISCO, INDIE, DIRTYPOP, and 80's

All this magic and mayhem brought to you with the help and heart of Trotting Fox Entertainment. Come howl with us like the animals we all are, or the animal you've always wanted to be.


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