OroborO Record Release Show for 'DYAD'!
Plus: Snowhaus

OroborO, experimental art-rock weirdos hatched in Western Massachusetts, announce DYAD, follow-up to last year's Laughing Death, which was "...raw in its intensity, but calculated in its musicianship." -The Valley Advocate. DYAD was recorded in the timbre- laden Ghost Hit Recording in Holyoke, MA. It showcases the best parts of the mutated OroborO sound that transfixes audiences: Mechanical drums, manic operatic vocals, warped guitar oozings and growling bass. Walls of shiny feedback, tape loops and synths fill out the discord. DYAD throws you esoteric left-field mood swings and bright hooks. An elastic fanaticism leaves you at the end of each song saying ‘what the hell just happened... let’s do it again.’


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